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Your customers no longer need to wait in line within your establishment. QBright is a queue management system for physical lines that let's your customers book and see their position in line right on their phone, so that they can go about their business while waiting.
More customers will stay during long wait times when they can be mobile.
Customers can wait remotely with confidence since they can arrive late and still be admitted into an appointment.
Your customers will appreciate the choice of adding themselves to a line online or by calling ahead before their arrival.
Your business can win over new customers by using technology that is a step above the rest.
Customers will feel more in 'control' when they can see continuous updates of their place in line right on their phone.
QBright has been designed with ease of use in mind. Multiple customer queues can be managed from a single interface. With a single click you can promote customers in a queue, put them on hold, or cancel their appointments. You can do this easily on your cell phone or tablet, as separate user interfaces have been tailor designed for cell phones and for larger devices.
QBright can use customer names for calling people into appointments, rather than a numbering system, which allows you to maintain a friendly and personal environment. This also means that you can choose to use a paperless appointment kiosk, or no appointment kiosk at all, which reduces your costs and maintenance.
QBright Crowds
QBright can also manage large lines of people in cases where line turnover is too fast to call in one customer at a time. It does this by calling in multiple customers at once, thereby splitting long lines into smaller ones. Please contact us for further information as this feature is offered separately.
QBright communicates with customers in multiple ways, including using a web application, SMS, and email. It does so by choosing the best method at a given moment while prioritizing the web application. The web application is able to update customer positions and wait times automatically so customers do not need to reload it manually. Also, When customers choose to use the web application they can access more information, such as their position relative to your business on a map.
You have the choice of purchasing credits that can be used at any time or on a monthly basis. Credits that can be used at any time do not expire, which is ideal for businesses that have customer queues once in a while.
Credits as Needed
Cost per 30 Credits Number of Credits in Hundreds No. of Credits No. of Appointments Total Amount
$1.00 30 up to 30 ¹ $1.00
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Payment No. of Credits Included per Month ² No. of Appointments per Month / Day
$50.00 1650 up to 1650 / 55 ¹
$100.00 3300 up to 3300 / 110 ¹
$150.00 4950 up to 4950 / 165 ¹
1 Adding an appointment to the line costs one credit. Sending SMS messages through your phone/s using our application is free, however sending them through our servers will cost additional credits, based on the destination country.
2 For subscriptions, additional monthly credits on top of the ones included are provided at a reduced rate of only one dollar for 30 credits.
Discover a better way to manage your queues while increasing customer satisfaction.
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